100 LED String Solar Lights – Warm White


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Powered by the sun, these string solar lights are incredibly power efficient. With the solar panel staked to the ground in direct, full sunlight, the lights absorbs and converts the sun’s energy into electricity, utilizing advanced technology to charge the battery and illuminate the bulbs. They charge for at least 6-8 hours and have an ON/OFF switch with a Steady On function. As long as the switch is turned on in working mode, they automatically light up as soon as it grows dark outside and become even brighter in complete darkness. These lights are crafted from dark green, flexible plastic cables, which can be effortlessly wrapped and strung however you like. High quality wide angle LED bulbs ensure ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. Waterproof and sturdy, these mini string lights are perfect for outdoor use in the patio or garden area and great for any occasion, events, holidays, parties, etc. Note: Brightness of light depends on general outdoor light ambience and quality of charge. Ex: Cloudy day will result in less charge time; dusk vs. complete darkness will result in varying brightness.

• 100 high quality mini LED bulbs
• ON/OFF switch; Working mode – Steady On
• Solar powered; extremely energy efficient
• Solar panel and stake included
• Length – 32ft
• Distance between each bulb – 4″
• Charge time – 6~8hrs
• Working time – 8~10hrs


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