10 LED Rattan String Lights – Warm White

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Rustic and cozy, these clear string fairy lights are encircled by hand-wrapped, ivory-colored rattan woven balls. High quality mini LED bulbs ensure ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. They consume less power (up to 70% less) than other light sources, making them a wonderful alternative to incandescent lights. They remain cool to the touch, minimizing risks of burns. These lights are crafted from clear, flexible cable wires, which can be effortlessly wrapped and strung however you like. The small battery pack is easy to hide and makes these lights extremely portable. It has a simple ON/OFF function and can last numerous hours of continuous life with brand new batteries. These rattan ball lights are great for indoor use and are favorites for decorative projects such as weddings, centerpieces, home lighting décor, Christmas lighting, parties, holidays, events, etc. They look especially magical strung up from post to post, like lanterns lighting up your room with their brilliant glow.

• Clear, flexible cable wires with 10 high quality mini LED bulbs each encased by rattan ball
• Powered by 2 x AA batteries (NOT included)
• ON/OFF switch
• Small, portable & easy to use
• Length – 3ft
• Distance btw each bulb – 4″
• Lead wire – 12″
• Battery pack – 3″L x 1.5″W x 0.75″H


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