Dropship Program

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The Dropship Program

Ready to start making money with dropship? Perfect Holiday provides an assortment of home, lighting and holiday products that can be shipped direct to YOUR customer. Don’t worry about inventory, warehousing or staff to process your orders. Simply sign up for a dropship account, select your products and enjoy making money.

You can sell on Amazon, Ebay, your own website and more with the Perfect Holiday dropship program.


Provide your company information, where you currently sell, what products you’re interested in selling and how long you’ve been in business. New to selling online? No problem. We make it easy to sell with quality products, low wholesale pricing and reliable shipping.


For all plans simply pay a one time set up fee of $99 to gain access to our dropship catalog and pricing. There are several options to choose from depending on your current selling situation and needs. Choose the Basic Plan if you’re just starting out and aren’t read to pay monthly. You’ll have a higher cost per item but won’t need to worry about getting a certain amount of sales per month if you’re not already established. Already know your estimated monthly sales? Choose the Silver Plan to get a lower cost per item as well as email support. This is the best option for sellers who have already been selling for a while and know what to expect. Are you an advanced seller looking to expand your online catalog? Choose the Gold Plan for our lowest cost per item and gain access to phone and email support. Choose this plan if you’re already knowledgeable about your sales expectations.


Interested in starting our dropship program to start making money now? Simply sign up and we will send you a welcome package with a excel file of our dropship items. This will include all product details, UPCs and pricing so you can easily upload to your sales platform. We also provide high resolution images that meet the requirements for popular platforms like Amazon and Ebay.

We will include your wholesale price and the MSRP price so you can easily see your profit for each item before deciding what products to sell.

Once your orders start rolling in simply submit an order with us and provide the shipping label. We will fulfill all orders within 24 hours.

Start today with the Basic Plan. No monthly fees and only $50 for setup…

ItemsProduct CostPhone SupportEmail SupportMonthly FeeSet Up Fee
Basic Plan50Dropship CostNoNo$0$99 $50
Silver Plan50Wholesale CostNoYes$10$99
Gold Plan50Distributor CostYesYes$20$99


The setup package includes an excel list of our top products with all the information you need to upload to your selling platforms. This includes product title, description, your cost, MSRP, UPC codes and 2 images per product. Images will be sized at a minimum of 2000 x 2000 pixels and will include one white background and one lifestyle.

Want to get started? Reach out to our staff to submit your dropship registration.

Submit Your Dropship Registration

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