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This mini laser projector creates visual entertainment and brings life to the party. It can be set on auto or music, in which it responds to music, moving and flashing to the beat. You can customize it to strobe or strobe and flash at the same time. High quality LED bulbs ensure ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. They consume less power (up to 70% less) than other light sources, making them a wonderful alternative to incandescent lights. They remain cool to the touch, minimizing risks of burns. It is small and compact, making it very portable. It is easy to use and set up in any room, party, bar, etc. Included – 1 x Laser light, 1 x Power adapter, 1 x Tripod, 1 x User manual. Note: Some assembly required. Indoor use only.

• Bright, high quality LED bulbs in Red and Green
• Can be used indoors only
• Not waterproof
• Powered by 5V AC adapter
• Low power consumption
• Dimensions – Laser lights 5.1″ x 3.6″ x 2″


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