6 Inch LED Light Base – RGB

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Ultra bright and mesmerizing, this 6in LED light base is perfect for displays, vases, aquariums, floral arrangements, centerpieces, bar area, etc. They function wonderfully as mood lighting. High quality LED bulbs ensure brilliant illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. They consume less power (up to 70% less) than other light sources, making them a wonderful alternative to incandescent lights. They do not overheat, minimizing risks of fire or burns. They can even be though after hours of continuous use. These multi-purpose light base are rechargeable with the option of using batteries as well if desired, and can last numerous hours once fully charged. They are remote controlled with 16 selectable colors and 4 different light changing modes. They can be used indoors and outdoors and are great for weddings, Halloween, holidays, parties, events, etc. They create a dazzling show of colors underneath glass displays, water-filled vases, and ice sculptures.

• Total of 19 ultra bright, high quality LED bulbs

• Rechargeable w/power plug

• Low power usage

• 16 selectable colors

• 4 light changing modes – Fade, Strobe, Flash, or Smooth

• Can use 3 x AAA batteries (NOT included)

• Height – 1.375″

• Diameter – 6″


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